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Meeting 9-27-2022

Oftentimes, work in STEM involves problem solving. When we tried to drive the robot using what seemed to be the exact same program as last week, we found that the controls had changed. By trying different controllers we thought we eliminated the possibility of a bad controller. So a couple team members worked on changing and simplifying the driving program, and they succeeded in getting it working again. Our lift system and gripper were not in as we had hoped, so other team members began to prototype a gripper with the parts we had available, and created an awesome sleeve to put around the on-field cone at the start of the match. The sleeve has different images on each side (we used three solid colors to make it easy) and will be read by a camera to tell the robot where to park itself during the robot-only control part of the match. Using a custom made sleeve, as we made today, will earn ten more points than if we use the pre-created one and will be easier to read. Good work today team!


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