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Helias Catholic Robotics Sponsorship

What is FIRST®?

For Inspiration of Science and Technology (FIRST®) is an organization that runs several levels of worldwide robotics competitions. We compete in the middle level, FIRST® Tech Challenge, in which we build small metal robots and compete in a yearly changing competition. FIRST® Tech Challenge teams do compete against other teams, but instead of trying to destroy other team's robots, they try to score points in an objective, productive, challenge.

The motto of FIRST® is Gracious Professionalism. This means that while competing hard on the field, teams must maintain good sportsmanship, and respect other teams and their members. The real objective of FIRST® is not winning the competitions, but helping students grow. We think this goal aligns nicely with the mission of Helias Catholic High School.

What benefits do sponsors receive?


Benefits include:

  1. Being on the homepage and Our Sponsors page of this website

  2. A mention in a social media post about our sponsors

  3. Other benefits depending on what a particular sponsor would like

What resources does Helias Robotics need?


Running a FIRST® team can be expensive, so money is needed resource. Some monetary expenses include:

  1. Team registration in FIRST® Tech Challenge

  2. Competition expenses

  3. Buying new parts to upgrading to keep up to date

Another way to help the team is to be a volunteer or mentor. Adult leaders like these provide guidance and advice to team members as they go throughout their season. It is a great way to pour back into the lives of students.

Sometimes Helias Robotics needs mechanical parts which companies are willing to provide.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the team, please reach out to one of the coaches or email us at

Thank you for your consideration!

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