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Join the Team

We are delighted you've shown interest in joining the team. To us, FIRST® robotics is an excellent program where there is a place for everyone.

Why should I join?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs are projected to grow 8.8% between 2017 and 2029.*

Why not work in a field where you are the backbone of the economy, and you get to do cool work?

Team Contacting
FIRST®'s emphasis on "Gracious Professionalism"

There may be fierce competition, but you still treat each other with respect. Everyone in FIRST is required to abide by gracious professionalism.

To gain killer problem solving skills

After building a robot, the rest of life is cake. Sort of.

Because there is a place for everyone on a FIRST® team

Enhance the team notebook, help fundraise, or outreach to the community. There is more to robotics than building and programming. Draw new logos for the team, or work on a team cheer. No geeky skills required.

How do I join?

Reach out to our coaches Backes or Rockers, (if you go to Helias you probably know who they are). Or email us at

A Typical Robotics Moment

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